About us

We are a small remote team and all of us have a specialized field of expertise. We combine them together to achieve the best impact:

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Design Lead
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UX/UI Designer
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UX/UI Designer
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UX/UI Designer
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UX/UI Designer
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Motion Designer/ QA tester
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Business Analyst

Our principles

Patterns are everything

Consumers think, behave and make choices using consistent unconscious patterns. Our unique and comprehensive database of these patterns enables us to develop an interface at speed.

We don’t reinvent the wheel

We are a UX native company so we think in consumer patterns. But we don’t build them from scratch - instead we re-configure existing proven patterns to deliver product's objectives.

We offer solutions

We don't waste your time on details we are responsible for. We focus our efforts on creating solutions to discuss – each one bringing you a step closer to the optimal version.

We always look beyond the design

We believe in the process of continuous enhancement, and we stay with you to improve the solution even post release.

With optimality in mind

We stick to your business needs and we respect your time, so we know when to stop to launch. Finding the optimal solution is what matters: whether it’s a tactical fix or a major development from scratch.

…and YES, we ensure the basics

“ good look ’n’ feel, functionality hand in hand with the speed of development. All solutions on-brief.


Why work with you?

We have narrow specialization, which together with multiple-iteration approach provides the best value to your users.

What sectors do you specialise in?

We work primarily with technology startups and SMBs that develop products in the SaaS, edtech, finance, recruitment, data privacy and analytics.

We make especially great partners for companies that are growing fast and need a visual and UX foundation that they can manage internally as their user base grows.

How can we start a project together?

The first step is to fill in our contact form. It is followed by a discovery call and then we define the project scope and services we can help you with. The next step is to estimate our costs. When the deposit payment is settled, we get down to work!

What results will I actually get from this?

Customers start to better understand how your service works, they have smoother and more pleasant experience. As a result, they get more value from the service. It is confirmed by Usabilty Tests, reviews and metrics.

When do I send it to my devs?

From the brief to the prototype and then to the design - from 2 to 8 weeks:

Backend development starts just after the concept is created, which usually takes 1-2 weeks. Frontend development starts after we've finished the main use cases (4-6 weeks). If we need branding, that's 1-3 weeks more. While testing, we see how it looks in different browsers with real data (1-2 weeks).

How do I share the design with my team?

All the design is available through the web link. We also record screencasts with all explanation of our solutions to make sure everyone in your team gets it correctly.

My app is on React, will it work?

Sure! Our interface development methodology rests on the best Atomic and Component-based practices.

Are there any long term contracts?

We work on a design support with many of our clients for several years. When they need to launch a new feature, they buy our team’s working time.

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